Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Is Going On

I'm not going to get all morose and glum today.  That's the mantra I keep saying to myself just about every day - or at least some approximate variation of that statement.  These days I'm focusing on forming a shortish list of things I want to do or that I'd like to try.  Tennis lessons is topping that list lately.  I had another session with the therapist yesterday and found out she's a supporter of the sport, as well as a player.  She once again mentioned a name that's big here in town for adult begginner lessons, so that may be my objective this fall.  Oh, I definitely won't be the next Sam Stosur or even Melanie Oudin, but I'd like to do more than get into the televised matches from the safety of my own couch.  Hell, I don't know what I'm thinking -- 39 years old (not ancient, I know - but definitely not at an age where the WTA is going to discover its next star) and having thoughts of tennis lessonsGah!  It's like the perfect conglomeration of the Real Housewives Meets....well, Kathy Bates, except without the extra moulah to buy me the latest fashion in tennis gear.

But that's where my thoughts are these days.

I've also spent a bit of time catching up on some flicks I've borrowed from the library.  Just last night I finally watched The King's Speech and was just amazed at the awesomeness of that movie.  I've never been a huge Colin Firth fan, but I could easily become one.  And I've always had love in my heart for Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.  I love studying and reading about the various British monarchies, so I'm surprised it took me this long to see the film.  Definitely a must-see if you're an Anglophile.  I also borrowed Elizabeth I, starring Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons.  While I could've done without some of the gorier moments (yeah, the Tudors were sort of known for their apparent blood thirst, but it was a sign of the times, I guess), I thought it was a very well-done movie and Mirren plays a very convincing older Elizabeth I.

Let's see, what else can I add to complete the cycle of boredom of the post?  Oh yeah, I'm reading more these days, which has been a very welcome enjoyment these days.  While I'm not exactly plowing through stacks of books, I'm making a decent dent in my TBR and wishlists via the library.  I do love the electronic library, Overdrive, so it's been a big ease on my wallet to get some of the newest hardbacks for my Nook from that service.  Prey by Linda Howard and The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood are two that I just finished recently, and I'll have to put TIM at the top of that two book list as the better one.  I know many Garwood fans are not so endeared with her suspense voice, but I don't mind it so much.  The Ideal Man was probably one of her better ones, imo.  I liked Prey, but wasn't over the moon about it.  It's termed as a romantic suspense I guess, but I felt that there was a lot more of the "I hate you, but I want you" and "We're running for our lives, so let's have sex!" in there than necessary.  Although, I've got to give Howard credit -- she can write a helluva bear-bent-on-carnage scene.

So there's a look into what I'm doing these days, and how I'm doing it.  I've become a pretty popular person, I guess, and have had a mess of visitors, not least of which was my sister and her boyfriend.  We had a great week and it was good to be able to spend an entire 6 days with her, with nothing to do but decide what store we were hitting first.  I'm looking forward to future visits with her since we'd kinda gotten off track with all the upheaval in her life (a divorce).

Hell, I think my vacuum cleaner is calling me.  It drives me crazy if I don't sweep once a week, or more, nowadays.  I know John's 'up there' rolling his eyes...                    


Leslie said...

Lists are always good, like you said it gives you focus. For me being able to check something off the list makes me feel like I accomplished something which, some days, that feels pretty good.

That's great that you & your sister got to spend some time together and you can look forward to doing it again. Having something to look forward is always good!

Wendy said...

The history in The King's Speech made me positively giddy. I was able to get my history major geek on ;) Also, I really thought HBC ran away with that movie. Colin Firth did a very nice job - but I'll admit that I don't "get" why women are madly enthralled with him.

And yeah for tennis lessons! If you take the plunge, you'll need to give us blog updates :)

Amy said...

Wendy, I could go all geeky about The King's Speech, but it'd be messy and I'd be embarrassed. It was just that good! I adore HBC also, although my love of her movies stays pretty rooted in Lady Jane, where she portrayed Lady Jane, the 9-day queen. I fell in love with Cary Elwes in that too.

Leslie, I'm digging lists these days. And I'm a bit more open to trying new things. It's a good mood lifter.