Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where I've Been and What I'm Up To

I have not contributed anything to the Blogiverse this past weekend at all, eh?  Yeesh.  I was doing good  and had already trumped my December total tally of blog posts as of last Wednesday, and the month wasn't even half way over!   But then -- EPIC FAIL in blogging, I fell asleep at the switch.  Blame football Saturday and Sunday.  Since I got my staples out last Thursday (go, me!), I've actually joined the Land of Living a bit more and gotten out there with a tiny bit more energy (and less pain).

On Friday, John and I started walking on the indoor track at the gym (might as well get back out there and not waste the investment I pay into for a gym membership each paycheck).  I do a LOT of walking at work, and even though I don't have a permission slip to return to the job for at least another three weeks, I've got to build back up my strength and stamina.  So yeah...walking.

The NFL playoffs pretty much kept me glued to the tv all day Saturday and Sunday.  This wasn't just couch potato sports viewing.  Oh no.  I've never talked to a tv as much as I did on Saturday when the Steelers temporarily forgot what they get paid for and couldn't remember how to play football for the entire first half.  Only by the grace of God and a few other deities (and hopefully an ass chewing from Coach Mike Tomlin at half time) did they save their collective tailends and win the game.  Seriously, if they played the second half like they did the first, they may as well have handed that game to Baltimore.  Oh, at times, I take my pro football seriously, especially when there's another Superball on the line for my beloved Black and Gold.  But I digress... 

Basically I'm rambling, trying to come up with a subject for this post, so bear with me (subject?  We don't need no steenkin' subject...).  I could make this reading related -- I finally finished ROYAL'S BRIDE this morning after letting it sit pretty much all weekend.  Now I'm jonesing for another book, but haven't decided what mood I'm in -- historical vs paranormal vs romantic suspense vs contemporary vs hellifIknow.  MsM has a nifty little post over at her place, asking her readers if they could choose, which paranormal/fantasy world and heroine would you live and be if you had a choice.  I definitely have some catching up there to do.

Oh oh!  I forgot.  Over the weekend I started an ebook (hey, it was a freebie download) that I swore I'd probably never read and get this -- I'm liking it!  With all the talk about Karen Marie Moning's upcoming Fever book release, it's got me curious.  So I started DARK FEVER on Friday night.  Since I have to read all of my ebooks on the computer right now, it's slow going for me since I can't stand to sit for that long and read an entire ebook in one sitting.  But, still, I'm really enjoying it.  Love the Dublin, Ireland setting.   

Lately I've spent more time at a few non-bookish blogs, chiefly at one of my new favorites, The Frugal Girl.  This girl makes saving money look so cool.  I've actually taken a few of her pointers and applied them to mine and John's daily lives.  One of the biggest things I'm having to curb is staying out of the freaking grocery store and maintaining a stricter budget.  I'm a magnet for anything that looks different, delicious, a good buy, or screams "you want me, Amy!" at the grocery.  If Gerber baby food was on sale, I'd probably buy it because I could save $4 on 10 jars...you dig?  And, yeah, we don't have any kids.  Also, I love to go grocery shopping if I'm bored.  Oh, I have tons of food in the house that I could use, but shopping sounds like so much fun. 

Another one of my new fave blogs is the Non-consumer Advocate.  This blogger is a little more strict in her thinking in that she rarely buys anything new (except for key items) and while it's certainly a good way to think and learn to save dollars here and there, I'm not sure I can stay out of the bookstores for an entire year.  I'm doing better, but I hardly have that much restraint.

And that's where I'm at these days.  Exciting life I lead, no?  Apparently I'm feeling a bit longwinded today.  Sheesh.    


Wendy said...

I fell asleep during the Ravens/Steelers game. No lie. I drifted off just around the time the Steelers started getting their stuff together. I had no particular pony in that game - just whoever had the better chance of knocking out the Patriots. And well, the Jets took care of them...which I didn't see coming.

I'm ignoring all the KMM Fever chatter. I've read the first two books and liked them....but in typical Wendy Needs Help fashion, the next two books in the series are sitting in my TBR. In hard cover no less. Seriously, I suck.

Amy said...

Well, I can say that I only have the first book in the KMM series. I think. I may have another one courtesy of a former co-worker, but it's definitely not because I bought it.

The vibe I'm getting is that you must read this series in order, so I'm digging in. And maybe I'll have Darkfever by the time the characters in it have grandchildren. Or something.

Wendy said...

Amy: Having only read the first two....yeah, definitely read in order. My fear is that when I finally pick up book #3, I'll have "forgotten" to much about books #1 and #2. I so suck like that.

CindyS said...

I also have Dream Fever but I stalled out on page 3 or something like that. But I hear ya on the chatter going on about this series. Although for me Nalini Singh's Hawke book is the one I'm jonesin' for. June. Ow.

Glad you don't have the removal of your staples hanging over your head and it's all done. And yeah, starting the walking is a good thing - I've been avoiding my treadmill again and I can feel it in my bones. Argh.

I'm in denial about my spending. Consider I eat out almost every night I know I can dial back a few things. But then I get grumpy and need some comfort food, yeah, from my fav restaurant. And so the cycle continues.


Amy said...

Cindy, I went and bought 3 books today because I swear it's an illness. Non-consumer Advocate Girl would hate me. LOL And that was after we went to a pizza buffet for lunch. Yeah, a little misbehaved, but I've honestly been doing good with a budget compared to past years. Especially post-holiday sales. OMG, I used to be able to do some damage!

Amy said...

Wendy, I was so tempted to look for more in the Fever series today at BAM, but I refrained and only kept my purchase to 3 books that top my late January/February TBB list. Whew.

However, I do know that the library has all of KMM's Fever books in stock, so guess where I'll probably be getting them from?