Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Much To See Here

While I had an eye-opening weekend at work (it's amazing what people say behind your back, eh?), it was actually a fairly productive one.  I've been stuck in a rut, job style-wise, and I'm trying to change things up which sometimes can be like moving a mountain.  Gah, people hate change!  All I can say is that I'm thankful for my two days off, and John and I are running away to the circus today.  Ok, well, the county fair.  So today, I've got elephant ears and funnel cakes dancing in my mind.  Cholesterol City, here I come!

This weekend our plans include running up to NC to get our marriage license.  This should be interesting -- it's a race weekend in Charlotte, and the locals can get a bit crazy if it involves NASCAR and exhaust fumes.  Oh, and beer.  Beer is a natural ingredient when it comes to racing.  Then on Sunday or Monday we're off to yet another fair, but this time the state fair.  Should be interesting since we've never been.

I've gotten really good at talking about nothing of consequence, it seems.  I need a topic, and since I'm slowly dragging my way through Linda Howard's newest release, VEIL OF NIGHT, I'm fresh out.  I had to put aside the Jen Crusie book so I could get this one knocked out, but I'd hit a wall with MAYBE THIS TIME.  I'm not sure why, if you don't factor in all the things I've had going on lately.  I wound up renewing it at the library so I have another two weeks on it.  While I was finding the dialogue and character interaction fun, I have a hard time with zany romance and, although this doesn't bleed inanities, I don't do well with goofball-type behavior.  And there's a few of those episodes spread throughout.  But we'll see.  My reading tastes have changed throughout the years, and I cringe to think of all the contemporary romances I have on the TBR, many of them highly recommended by several friends.  It seems a shame that those might be some of the first ones I toss out when I get back into a Clean Sweep Mode.               


Wendy said...

In my recent TBR Weed, I got rid of a lot of single title contemporaries. One thing I've noticed over the years, is that when I want contemporary, I'm much more likely to hit category romance. Just am.

I didn't hit one county fair this year. My Man has a thing about crowds (uh, he doesn't like them) and my niece is still too young to drag out in the ungodly heat that accompanies Fair Season here in So. Cal. So no fried dough, caramel apples, or cotton candy for Wendy :(

CindyS said...

Oh, we did the town fair this year and what a racket (I hope this is the right spelling). 130 bucks later and we were done.

Next weekend there is another fair type event we might go to but the outlay of cash is much smaller - no entry fee (25 at local fair), no rides cause no kids (25 bucks), no toy games cause of kids (way too much money!). But we're in for the mini-donuts, chip wagon fries and if I can find funnel cake, I'm in!

I can't think about weeding out the TBR pile because most of what's there has been highly recommended. So I'm keeping 'em ;)