Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Dust Is Just A Country Accent" - Author Unknown

This weekend I actually coerced John into helping me clean house -- isn't he fortunate?  Due to work commitments, my past several weekends off have been busy and our apartment has borne the brunt of my less-than-spectacular housekeeping skills.  Stir in the Cold From Hell this past week, and it looks like Hurricane Earl did indeed come inland, right through this place.  Today it's clean clean clean, clean like a mofo, and hopefully I'll be doing some weeding of the TBR before it clones itself.

Of course, I'd be remiss in not mentioning that COLLEGE FOOTBALL returned this week, and Amy is, indeed, a happy girl.  Ohio State and South Carolina have already played this week, and won, so today I'll be divvying up my time between housework, the US Open, WVU football, and grocery shopping.  Ugh, and I just remembered, I have a fridge to clean out as well.

My reading has been spotty lately, but I still try to get through the occasional book.  I was fortunate enough to be assigned the new Kate Pearce book for review, KISS OF THE ROSE, which is the inaugural book in her Vampire Tudor Chronicles.  This was my first book by her, and I'm interested in reading the second book.  That's something else on my weekend radar, writing up two reviews for RRT; the other one is a Sydney Somers ebook from Samhain, which is already late.  I wouldn't know how to act if I wasn't behind on my reviews.         

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