Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to the 21st Century, WVU!

College football has taken over my house, and John is not happy. I'm sure he feels about it kinda like Wendy does with Her Man being glued to the tv to catch the games, talking heads shows, and rankings.

Anyway, I caught the delayed game last night between WVU and Auburn and despite its rather disappointing final score (41-30, Auburn), the 'Eers looked good. Especially given that they were missing two of their star players. I sincerely hope that WVU's offensive coordinator gets a well-deserved ass chewing, however.

Again, ANYWAY, I was happy to notice that the WVU mascot this year is female! Tradition usually has it that the Mountaineer mascot is male in buckskins, with a full-grown beard, waving the rifle proudly (personally I can't stand hairy men). But Rebecca Durst, I would think to the male population at these games, is much easier on the eyes. Judging from some of the articles I've read, this decision was not well-received initially and folks act as if there has never been a female WVU mascot. They tend to forget - or just ignore - the fact that Durst is the second woman Mountaineer to serve as mascot. The first was Natalie Tennant in 1990, and she currently serves as WV's Secretary of State.

And now I'm going to go read a book and cry at the Carolina Panthers game.


Wendy said...

OK, that's pretty dang cool!

Amy said...

And whooda thunk it, in WV?