Saturday, September 19, 2009

Real Men of Genius

Here's to you, Time Warner Cable People, who charge an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money for lackluster programming and, more often than not, poor customer service. Since it's really the only real cable deal here in town is the one true reason I have stayed with you; it's most definitely not a love affair. In fact, every time I've paid you guys MORE MONEY for an added service, you always find a way to muck it up. Now, one of the few weekends I have off to sit down and enjoy Football Saturday, y'all have decided that it's best not to air Ohio State on mainstream stations, instead charging a whopping $28 for a PPV event. If this were (God forbid) Florida or even Univ. of Texas, it may make sense...but it's Ohio State, people, and we're ranked 11th in the country.

So, here's to you, Time Warner Cable People, for making my Saturday afternoon a bit dismal. Now I'll have to settle for Boston College vs. Clemson, and I can't stand orange and purple.

Love, Amy


Wendy said...

I do my fair share of bitching about DirecTV - but ::knock on wood:: we've been really happy with their programming.

That sucks about the Ohio State game!

Amy said...

Here's what I don't get, Wendy -- they aired MOST of the west coast games. Only most of them as I'm sure there was one or two that they missed. But a team that's on the east coast (cuz, uh, we're an east coast state)? Aw, hell no. They're even making the SOUTH CAROLINA Gamecocks game tonight PPV. Idiots! That's an hour away!

But, Mountaineers play tonight on ESPN, and it's being shown down here. Surprising...