Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodbye, Guiding Light

Today, September 18, 2009, CBS will air the last episode of Guiding Light, a soap that has charmed many for years. In fact, it's pretty damned close to having been aired in some format for nearly 3/4 of a century, since it first aired on the radio in 1937 five days after FDR's second inauguration. When I first moved to SC, I had gotten away from the soaps and really only watched the ones on NBC off and on, Santa Barbara (back in its heyday) and Days of Our Lives, as well as Another World. I quickly got hooked on Guiding Light when I was a therapist in the nursing homes and work almost literally stopped for all the techs and assistants so they could catch a bit of GL. I usually used that hour to get caught up on my charting (it was handwritten and took forever!)... Oh, and to catch Josh and Reva and see what they were up to. (Yes, things were that slow in a nursing home at the time!)

I know times change and in this day and age a lot of things have been axed due to budget constraints, but I will definitely miss checking in with the folks of Springfield. It's a sad sad day for fans of soap opera, especially Guiding Light.


Wendy said...

I grew up on CBS soaps (Y&R and B&B) but never watched Guiding Light. Probably because Mom didn't watch it.....

Still, it's sad, isn't it? For show that has been around THAT long to go off the air.

Amy said...

It is sad. I actually watched it today just to say that I did (it's been years since I was a devoted fan). I'm happy to report that Josh and Reva made it, and I think they ended everything on a fairly good note.