Friday, August 7, 2009


I've declared this a "I'll do anything I damn well want to weekend". Whether it's sleeping in, gorging on any book I choose, or eating a fantastic amount of pizza -- that's what I'm doing. It seems I'm always trying to think of something to do on the weekend -- laundry, housework, cooking, game, etc. -- but I rarely take the time to think of something I truly want. Do I seriously want to clean house this weekend? Well, no -- but I may choose to because, honestly, I'm tired of living in a mess. So, who knows... Maybe I'll go hog-wild and clean out the closets and give all the pack-rattiness to the Salvation Army. I'd LOVE to finish the Carolyn Jewel book I'm reading just to move on to something new from the TBR. Damned if I didn't go and buy three more books today, even though I need those like I need...well, more books.

Oh, and it's also tax-free weekend here in these parts; not sure how that works throughout the rest of the country. School starts on Aug. 17th, and guess what that means, folks? Fall's not too far around the corner!! Absolutely, hands-down, fall is my favorite time of the year -- awesome clothes, crisp weather, gorgeous colors, and lack of humidity and asinine heat and temps are something to celebrate.

Anyway, I said all that just to say this (because, honestly, the Tylenol PM is working its magic) -- have a great weekend!

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