Saturday, May 30, 2009

Must Love Weekends

I would've done a TGIF post yesterday, but quite simply I didn't have the energy to even remember my name, let alone think up something schnazzy and snappy. Work, once again, tried to kill me Wednesday and Thursday night, and I'll end that rant right there. Seriously, no room to bitch when I'm fortunate enough (and, yes, thankful) to have a job these days.

So -- thank God for the weekend! Oh, and the French Open this weekend. I think the men's and women's third rounds are being broadcast on NBC today, so hopefully I'll be watching. Venus Williams got knocked out yesterday from what I've read, but I'm really trying to remember if she does better in other venues outside of the US Open and Wimbledon. Did she win the French last year? *head scratch*

I've got tons of catching up to do on my reading and want to get more of my review book for June read. I've asked for one or two more review assignments, so I think the bug has bitten again. Hopefully Terrie will be happy.

My sweetie and I did have a nice late afternoon yesterday at Chili's restaurant. It's rare that we go out for dinner, but honey chipotle chicken crunchers were seriously calling my name. Oh, and a margarita...which I never did get. But the chicken? OMG -- nirvana. I know it's a chain restaurant, but Chili's has one of the best menus I've seen, and I'm not talkin' the ribs.

Everyone enjoy their weekend!

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