Friday, January 16, 2009

We Return You To Your Regular Schedule....

Well, I'm back, although I never really left town, per se. To make a long story short, Mom had angioplasty last week (emergently). While I thought everything would be ok after that, she ended up back in the hospital 24 hours after being discharged from Ohio State University Hospital. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), it was a reaction to a new medication, but things are MUCH better now. I have My Mom back and she sounds so much better tonight, especially since she was discharged home earlier today. So, with that all going on, I've been stressing and really not having anything to contribute to my blog. Living away from home sucks in instances like this, and being held down here because of piss-poor weather up there doesn't help!

However, I have been taking some baby steps in reading and finished the first book that qualifies for both the TBR and Silhouette/Harlequin reading challenges. Today I started a Nora Roberts book and once again am just totally absorbed into the story. I know there are some naysayers out there, but I'm not sure that Nora can write anything bad. Even when I think she can't pull it off, she makes me give a damn about the characters and really lends a breath, color and vivacity to the people only she can create. HIGH NOON features Phoebe MacNamara, a police negotiator, but I'm not more than 35 pages into it and trying to remember if I've ever read a book with a female negotiator as a main character. Anyone out there know of others?

So's good. Real good. I want to be Nora Roberts when I grow up. This woman just knows how to make words do what she wants. Me, I struggle with a review or three and whine and moan because I can't make sentences and punctuation be my bitch like she can.

I guess this is why I shell out the dollars, support the economy and fiction industry, and let authors entertain me.


Wendy said...

Sigh, I've had this in the TBR since RWA 2007. Yes, 2007! I will read it this year if it kills me. I've heard nothing but excellent things about it.

Leya said...

Amy, I hope your mom has a speady recovery! :D


Amy said...

Mom's doing good, Leya! Thanks!

Wendy -- pull HIGH NOON out of the TBR now! It's very good and actually getting even better, just my opinion, though.