Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow, snow, Snow!

Snow came to SC during the dark hours of morning today. And while many of you will scoff, snark, and snicker at that, trust me, folks, this part of the state totally shuts down, businesses and schools close, and milk and bread totally disappear from the grocery stores. This pic is at about 5 a.m. after John came barreling in the door to announce, very loudly, that it was SNOWING. I guess I was expected to laugh and carry on merrily, but quite frankly I just wanted to sleep some more. But dutifully, I got out of bed, carted my PJ'ed ass to the parking lot, and took pictures.

As the morning wore on, and the decidedly freezing rain turned into snow showers, things really started turning white. Again, remember in this part of SC, snow is a cause for wonderment and celebration. And for schools and businesses to shut down. Bread and milk disappear from the shelves...

Around 11a.m., the ground was just about totally covered and our steps and walkway might as well have been a sheet of ice. Flat-footers, in this case, John, should never be allowed to walk on surfaces that will lead to a face planter.
To prevent this from happening, we asked our maintenance guys to salt the pavement -- yes, SALT the pavement for the less than one inch of snow we'd gotten.

By noon, I was starting to get caught up in the whole "let's teach the Florida boy how to make a snowball" thing, but this was as far as he was willing to venture -- our front door. It's actually kind of cute to see my at-most-times studious honey wreaking havoc and carrying on like a sixth grader in the white stuff.We tried and tried to make a snowman, but trust me, SC snow is nothing like the Ohio snow I grew up on, so it was tedious at best. Making friends with some of the neighbors (who were just as fascinated as us by the snow), one was hastily crafted, and voila! Dread Pirate Snowman!

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Jill D. said...

That looks like so much fun Amy! I am glad you and your man are enjoying yourself.