Thursday, December 18, 2008

Four Days and Counting...

One would think that with all of the crap I've got to get done between now and Monday a.m., I'd be stressed. But surprisingly I'm not. It's weird, really.

John and I just put up the outdoor lights last weekend, mainly because I'll be damned if we don't have some decorations up to ring in the new year the week after Christmas. When I started this post yesterday, I had exactly no wrapping done and the blankets I was making for presents weren't finished. However, I was able to cross those things off my list last night. Now my back is killing me! Oh well, two more nights at work and then I'm off for the week, and John and I hit the road.

For those of you who celebrate, in case I don't get to drop by here before our trip -- please have a peaceful, safe and happy holidays! May you be blessed with fun reads, tons of gift certificates, and the time and desire to not fall victim to that dreaded "slump". I'm about to go dig myself out of one right now and finish off the excellent Jane Goodger book, MARRY CHRISTMAS.

As for packing, we've got to make room in the trunk for not only the luggage and small heap of presents we've got -- but I've got to find room to pack all of the 25 books I plan on taking with me, so that I don't run out of something to read while home. Not that I'll have time...LOL

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