Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

Today I'm hosting my first-ever baby shower for one of the girls at work, Anita. Now, I didn't go and get crazy and decide to have it here at the house (I'm not insane - that would require cleaning house!), so it's going to be held at a restaurant here in town that does this sort of stuff frequently. I called last week to set up some reservations, had the cutest Winnie the Pooh cake made by one of the girls at work, and just finished having John wrap up the humungous Eddie Bauer carseat we got her which is the gift everyone from work went in on. I also got several odds and ends (sleepers, knitted baby socks and hats, baby wipes, infant manicure set - who knew?!, and of course the knot blanket I made last week. This baby girl is going to be a spoiled princess!

And of course, Aunt Amy had to get this baby her first "Baby's 1st Christmas" tree ornament. If Anita doesn't put up a tree for Christmas at her new apartment, I'm driving my ass down there to do it for her if I have to. She lives right down the road, after all.

It's funny, I have seen so many classic Winnie the Pooh odds and ends since I started planning the shower. And it's all my fault - one day in Anita's first trimester, I told her that Target had the most adorable classic Winnie stuff. The next thing I knew, that was the theme that Anita and her fella were running with on the baby gift registry. I inspired them! If only I had been able to find Winnie the Pooh fleece for the blanket... Hobby Lobby didn't have any, so I went with an adorable animal print. I'll post pictures later today. Jace should be proud of me for my own artsy-craftsy attempt. I can't do origami and crochet like she can, but I now have 3 knot blankets planned for the holidays.

Well, time to go pack up the car -- I've got a lot of crap to get in there -- and I'm off to the shower.


Wendy said...

Oooh, planning a baby shower - you are a good friend!

The great thing about Winnie The Pooh? It's a unisex story! LOL Good for boys and girls alike - and very handy for those wacky parents-to-be who want the sex of the baby to be a "surprise."

Jace said...

I love Pooh Bear (and Peter Rabbit too)! :-D

Well done on the baby shower.

Can't wait to see the knot blanket. I've never seen one before, so I'm curious. :-D

Amy said...

Wendy -- well, the baby shower was pitiful. Of the 12 folks supposed to be there, 4 showed up, including the soon-to-be mama. Nobody else even bothered to call me to let me know they couldn't come after they'd told me this past wknd they'd be there.

So, in a nutshell, Amy's done planning any outside parties or to-do's for work. If they want a Xmas party, THEY can plan it. I'm done.

Anita did love the stuff "we" got her. Especially the Pooh stuff.

Jace, I swear I'll post pics of the knot blanket soon. Work tried to kill me again last night and I'm exhausted!