Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Get Physical!

I mentioned here in a post last month that I'm having blood pressure issues, which is sad to say but true.  So I had a follow-up with my GP a couple weeks ago, where my pressure was taken once again (yikes!), and a general physical was done, complete with my husband by my side.  It has been ordered and sanctioned, and all that sounds so official and ceremonious, that I need to go on a diet (and of course, hubby was a witness).  Now, my doc is a good friend of mine and he and his wife and I have taken up a walking regimen at work, but seriously dude, couldn't you have said it a little bit nicer??  Like say, maybe, "Amy, you're gorgeous and I know that you're already blinding guys with your beauty, but, and I'm only offering this as a piece of advice from a guy who admires you from afar, but all that gorgeousness would only be enhanced by, say, shedding about 5 lbs."  See, I would've been happy with that,  Blunt, straight to the point, and brutally honest -- I need to lose weight (which is the way *I* say it, not that D word, thankyouverymuch).

So the walking has extended out to the gym where I just found out that three laps around the outside track equals about 1.8 miles (one of my other friends was with me this morning, and corrected my earlier math which I thought was stellar, but landed me about a mile shy of the correct answer).  And since there's some construction at the gym, and they've closed off a portion of the main outdoor track and extended it beyond a ways to the local hiking "Beauty" trail, that distance is actually closer to being over 2 miles for 3 laps. I've been doing that frequently about 3 times a week -- the walking, not the math thank God -- for a few weeks now and I'm proud to say that the shorts I bought earlier last year in a smaller size are actually getting a bit too big on me now.

Why am I spewing this all over my blog?  Well, because I need to be held accountable, and I want to brag; but I also want to devise a system beyond the buddy system that will encourage me to keep it up.  I love my husband with my every breath (heaving and all), but he tells me I'm gorgeous no matter what (smart man).  He also has a high sense of survival and would only tell me he thought I was fat from another state via text message or cell phone, or via carrier pigeon.

So I'm thinking of incorporating a journal of sorts here to track my walking or other form of exercise, so that when I miss a day or skip an entire week (more likely), then y'all can call me out and guilt me into doing better.  It'll also make for some blog filler, which is lacking these days since my reading has taken a beating.  I'm a pragmatic glutton, if nothing else...

Any thoughts?  Any words of encouragement?  Anyone else want to enjoy this tiny bit of self torture with me?       


Lori said...

Yay you on the exercise and weight loss! I have also been exercising several days a week - also brought on by an out of control BP and a wish to not be so... fluffy?

I'll support you in any way you want!

Wendy said...

One word (or is it two?) = audiobooks. You can keep up with your "reading," plus they're great company while you're walking. Uh, unless you're walking with a buddy at the gym, then nevermind.

I was doing really good with the walking, but I've fallen a bit out of my groove. I'm blaming it on the end of the fiscal year craziness at work. But seriously, I need to get back on the bike....

nath said...

LOL, it sounds like everyone has gotten the same "rec" as you, Amy!! You're not the only one having to lose weight.

Let's all do it together! I've been trying to work out, but have fallen off the bandwagon ^_^; Time to get back on it.

I say if you think a journal will help you, then add it :)