Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's not a secret that I'm a HUGE Buckeyes fan, and tonight is a big night in my house.  Ok, well, at least it is for me -- John could honestly care less.  

Tonight....it's the SUGAR BOWL and the Bucks play Arkansas in a game that I hope will prove that the Big 10 CAN hold its own against the SEC.  So, y'all know where I'll be tonight.  Yep.  Parked in front of the tv, with a non-alcoholic beverage of choice in hand (boo hiss, Percocet!), cheering my boys on.  

(And this one's for a very dear friend who can't be here with me, or at least mad texting with me during the game....O-H-I-O!  I miss ya, girl.  I hope you've got front row seats up there.)

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