Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Meanderings

This year, I'd like to post weekly -- or even bi-weekly-- roundups of what I've read.  But once I go back to work, I have a varied schedule in that if I'm off one weekend, then I work the next.  The same goes for days thoughout the week.  So I'm playing with ways that I can do this and hold myself accountable for what I've read in any given week's time.  Have I confused y'all yet?  If I were being brutally honest, I'd love to compare my books bought to books read ratio to see the actual numbers and how they're stacked this year.   

The good news is, I finished three books last week!  Well, if I'm being honest, it was two books and a short story, but damnit I'm counting it as three because that's the way I roll, yo.  I'm trying to decide if I'll post a review of sorts for the Jessica Hart category romance this week or use it as my TBR Challenge review because it fits the January theme.  Decisions decisions...  I still haven't picked out what to read next, which is a laugh with all these books in my house, just staring me down.

One of the books, as mentioned earlier, was a short story ebook and a holiday one at that. For some reason, going into it, I thought it was supposed to be an erotic SS, but it turned out to be as hot as, say, a Harlequin Medical Romance.  In fact, with a bit more fleshing out and more story, it could easily have passed for one -- SECRET SANTA by Mina Carter.  As you'll see by the link, it was a freebie and a cute little hero-doctor-rescues-the-nurse kinda story. 

I used to read ebooks a lot more and in recent years I've gotten away from that.  The biggest reason being that I don't own a Kindle or Nook.  Because I'm practically forced to sit down here at the computer to read ebooks, I tend to gravitate away from them.  I do have a rather primitive Palm Pilot, but the only thing with that, when I remember to keep it charged, is that it seems to take forever for me to get through even a short ebook because the screen is so small.  What I wouldn't give right now for a reader since I do have quite a handful of ebooks saved on my computer and on CD as well.  But I've made myself a promise that if I achieve a particular goal this year, then my gift to myself will be a reader of some variety.

In other news, I have an appointment this week to get my staples taken out so I'm counting down the hours until Wednesday morning.  Since this was my first surgery ever, I'm torn between ecstatic that they're coming out and nervous at the pain that I'm sure will commence with said procedure.  Even though I snuck out to the bookstore with John on Saturday (hey, it was my birthday), I may call up another trip to reward myself for being a good patient.  Forget that earlier comment about tracking incoming books versus outgoing -- retail therapy may be just what the doctor orders...            



Wendy said...

Ooooh, looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Jessica Hart HR.

And I think rewarding yourself with a new e-reader is an excellent idea....should you meet this mysterious goal you've set for yourself ;)

CindyS said...

I'm with Wendy - and I'm thinking I'll ask for a Kindle for this year's birthday - cause I didn't get it for my 40th ;)

I hope the staples don't hurt coming out but I've never seen 'em or had 'em. Stitches I've seen and watched pulled out - not anything horrible. But the whole idea of a staple? Yikes! Book reward sounds perfect!