Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Humpday Happenings

So today is the second of three showers that are being given for me and John - actually, this evening's get-together isn't a shower, per se, but one at a local favorite restaurant where we can all have some fizzy drinks.  Funnily enough, the shindigs are all being put on by people I work with, and one of them reads this blog (*waving at Jeff*).  Honestly, it's kinda overwhelmed me how much people have gone out of their way to celebrate our wedding.  While I don't have any family down here, I can claim that the people I work with have become surrogate family to me.

Last night I took call for my boss at work, so I spent most of the day sleeping which led to me being awake most of the night.  I kept my nose in a book a good portion of the night, but I had the election coverage on in the background for "white noise".  Hmm, maybe the combination of the Scarpetta novel and all the hatred and viciousness in the media surrounding this election is what led to my nightmares when I finally did drift off to sleep around 3a.m.  It's amazing what people say about the results and supposed hidden agendas for all of these D.C. gurus.  Granted, I don't trust most politicians, but don't dare call me ignorant or stupid just because I can understand the reasoning behind the Tea Bag Party, or don't always hate the current guy in the Oval Office.  Now I remember why I don't discuss politics with friends -- people can get nasty, and unfortunately it sometimes results in the demise of friendships over something as silly as an election result.  OMG, stop the hatred -- enough already!

Since dinner and drinks with our friends isn't until 5:30 this evening, and the restaurant is conveniently located in a mall that just happens to share brick space with Books-A-Million -- guess what John mentioned?!  Ha!  Bookstore trip!  I'm a grown woman of not-quite 40 years old, and I actually squeed like a little girl when he mentioned it.  Try to restrain yourself, Amy... 

*snort* Not.

It's gonna be a good day, Amy.        

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