Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TBR Challenge Review: Some Girls Bite

So, it seems my reading mojo returned this past week.  Yesterday I posted my review for PRAY FOR SILENCE by Linda Castillo, and today (yes, two days in a row!) I'm back with another review for my latest discovery: Chloe Neill's SOME GIRLS BITE.  I love finding new authors, and it's sad that I let this book sit around for so long before reading it, so I guess it's perfect for the TBR challenge.

Nobody had asked graduate student Merit if she wanted to become a vampire, so it goes without saying that she's a bit piqued at having to adjust to the life of a bloodsucker.  Well, bloodsucker is really an un-PC term for what she's become, but it still applies.  Apparently the Cadogan House leader, Ethan Sullivan, had taken matters into his own hands when he found Merit the victim of an attack by another vampire.  If Ethan hadn't finished the change, Merit would've died.  Or so he says.  Now Merit is trying to acclimate to the nightlife (that whole sun aversion thing is true).  While it's not true that she must only imbibe blood to survive, having to acquaint her palate to the occasional hemoglobin cocktail is a requirement.  Otherwise, life goes on as it once did.  Oh, except that she cannot finish her degree at the University of Chicago; she must learn the fine art of fighting; and she must bow in allegiance to Ethan Sullivan and the Cadogan House of vampires.  No biggie, right?  As her new liege, he is her lord and master, and I'm sorry, Merit is not the obliging, genuflecting kinda girl.  So, she's having a time of it...

With her already strained relationship with her snobby, "new money" parents, things get more uncomfortable with dear ol' Dad when he orders her to not bring anymore shame down on the family.  Isn't it enough that she'd been the victim of a brutal attack and had almost died?  Dad has to go and stab one more knife in her back by being an ass.  But there's always her grandfather, former cop Chuck, who had been more of a father than her own.  Regardless of her new life, her Grandpa will always be there for her, fangs or no.

As Merit struggles to learn her new path in life, she finds that she's actually good at the whole vamp thing - which really astounds Ethan and his cronies.  No Initiate (baby vamp) has ever shown such promise so quickly.  Seriously, who would've thought that Merit was BadAss, with a capital B?  Maybe she has finally found her true calling...  or, it found her.

Just when I thought that I'd never get back into the vampire lovefest, Chloe Neill pulled me right back in.  So it's her fault that I had to add more books to my TBR (FRIDAY NIGHT BITES and TWICE BITTEN).  I love the author's brand of vampire which lends a more humanistic view of them.  Merit can still eat real food, but only needs to supplement her diet with the occasional pint of O negative.  And while she still needs to catch her rest during daylight hours, it's actually misleading when they say the undead are dead once again with the sun.  She's still vulnerable, but she sleeps.  It's a good thing that her roommate Mallory is a serious paranormal junkie and gleefully helps with the debunking of many myths.

SOME GIRLS BITE is an excellent addition to the paranormal/urban fantasy fling.  I can't wait to see how Merit baffles Ethan in FRIDAY NIGHT BITES.                

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