Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Ball!

John and I are about to head out for date night at the baseball park, so I'll make this quick.  It also gives me something to throw up here on ye ol' blog and to use my nifty baseball pinup art once again.  I'm so easy...

Tonight's probably the last game of the regular season that I'll be able to attend, so I need to make an effort to snap some pictures of my guy, Ronnie Freeman, the Red Wolves All-Star catcher.  If this kid doesn't go somewhere in professional ball, I'll be shocked.  Even *I*, so not a baseball aficionado (but getting there), can recognize the talent this kid has, especially starting out the season (before the actual season) with a .317 batting average.  Last I read, he had somewhere in the neighborhood of a .320 or so, and just this week has scored 3 home-runs.  Oh, and he's cute too!  Great fun to watch from our seats behind the home plate...

There's just something about guys' butts in sports...  *sigh*

ETA -- Mission: Butt Pics was successful.  I'll post later! 


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