Monday, June 7, 2010

Gosh, It's Hot

No, the summer temps have not melted my brain, but they have certainly tried.  It's "Welcome to the Jungle" kinda weather here in my part of the south, and I've been doing my best by staying inside with the a/c.

I'm reading!  Oh, am I reading.  I just started - and am nearly finished with - MOON CALLED by Patricia Briggs, a new-to-me author, and one series that I'll definitely be finishing.  I've already checked at my library to see if any more of the Mercy Thompson series is there, and *happy dance* the entire thing is!  When did this little map dot get current and go all F/UF on me??

So, there's two things off of my mental reading to-do list this year -- try a new author AND give urban fantasy a spin.  Again, I'm not knocking down records with the amount of reading I'm doing in 2010 like I wanted to, but I'm certainly enjoying trying new things.

My other new addiction is....ready for it?  GLEE!!

Oh yes, I'm a Gleek now.  Lately, I've been trying to find any past episode performances I can on YouTube, so you can say that I'm slightly addled by it all.  They've covered a wide variety of performances, from Lady Gaga to Madonna to Kiss and on to Journey.  My favorite thus far?  Well, here, I'll just share this video posted on YouTube, which I'm sharing, but not claiming.  Some enterprising soul was able to dig up a clip of my new crush, Artie...

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