Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Gonna Wash Yesterday Right Outta My Hair

For me, yesterday was a quintessential example of why people hate Monday, and I'm not usually one of the fanclub members.  So, officially I'm washing yesterday right out of my hair and will focus on today being a better day.  As long as my washing machine doesn't decided to self-combust.  I swear, is there anything louder than a machine that won't balance itself quietly?  We live in an apartment/condo neighborhood, and my Whirlpool could possibly wake up the neighbors... down the street.  It either better get ahold of itself, or the Piece O'Crap will find itself out on the curb, replaced with a pretty shiny, brand-spanking-new front-loader.  In cranberry red. (/dream)

So that, coupled with additional stress about some family drama, my boss dumping more administrative bullshit work in my lap (right before I had started to fall asleep, mind you, which led to 5 or 6 hours of me pacing around here, not sleeping (not good for a nightshifter who worked the weekend.), and oh yeah, the fridge just spontaneously regurgitating water all over the floor....yesterday, was a real charmer, lemme tell ya.

I will read more this week. I will read more this week.  I will read more this week.  I will read more this week.  I. Will. Read. More. This. Week.  I have spent a considerable amount of time with Virginia Henley's March release, THE IRISH DUKE, this past week.  Honestly, it's like finding old friends again.  Back in the day, I'd scarf up anything Henley wrote, totally lurving any and all of her purple prose and secret smiles.  Then I got away from her until the last few books, so I'm hella enjoying this one.  It's a Regency-set novel, and I love all the fripperies and marriage-minded young misses she has sprinkled throughout.  But again, I'm one of the dwindling numbers who isn't exactly burnt out on Regency romances.

Today is new release Tuesday, and I'm thinking of treating myself to some much-needed retail therapy, even though I need more books like I need....well, more books.  Notice that I'm ignoring my inner good sense and may run over to Books-A-Million to pick up Julia Quinn's newest, as well as the Lisa Kleypas, Tessa Dare, and Jennifer Estep books that are seriously calling to me.  I won't tell John if y'all won't tell him... 



Lori said...

Ugh. What a horrible day! Definitely calls for some book retail therapy.

And, hey - I just noticed that you're a respiratory therapist. In my previous life, I was an RRT. Go figure!

Wendy said...

Shhhh - you're secret is safe with me. John doesn't have to know a thing....

My parents just bought a new front-end loading washing machine and love it.

There's nothing better than rediscovering an author - and I loved the fact that you used the word "fripperies." That's my word for the day :)

Amy said...

Lori, you were a snot-sucker too? Awesome! Some days it's a great job, and sometimes it can get to you. But I still honestly love what I do.

Fripperies, fripperies, fripperies, Wendy! Glad I could throw out a word you like. LOL

BTW, the front-load washer is looking better and better. So shiny, so high-tech, so NEAT looking. Right now I'm dealing with the GOD-AWFUL noise of the current Piece O'Crap just so I can get my laundry done, but I'm seriously eyeing up the pretties at Best Buy.