Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stimulating the Economy, One Book At A Time

I had a remarkable afternoon yesterday at Barnes & Noble -- and spent an assload of money. Clearly, I'm only doing my part in stimulating the economy. Am I supposed to ignore the fact that Nalini Singh's newest release hit the shelves Tuesday, and the fact that the bookstore had it in?? Uh, no. But thank you for any concern.

So, since I'm not in SoCal and can't participate in the bloggers' Super Saturday (*sniff* they always make it sound so fun!), I got an early jump and made my checkbook weep. But only just a bit:

Break Neck - Erica Spindler
Archangel's Kiss - Nalini Singh
Charming the Devil - Lois Greiman
All Night with a Rogue - Alexandra Hawkins
Lessons In French - Laura Kinsale (only everyone has read and loved it)
The Elusive Bride - Stephanie Laurens
Blonde With a Wand - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Also, I received Storm of Shadows by Christina Dodd in the mail today. So now my little retail-lovin' heart is satisfied. I have books, and I'm a happy girl. I think I also have a date with to place an order later on tonight...

I finally finished up a book earlier this week and am at odds about it. Maybe I'll hammer it out in a review later this weekend when I'm not cooking up carb-ridden and calorie-packed amounts of food for the Superbowl tomorrow. John hates football, but he does at least know who's playing tomorrow night - that's a start.

Oh! And I also saw the cover for Anna Campbell's upcoming June release. Can you say gorgeous?? You can see it for yourself here. Beautiful book covers make me smile.

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