Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January , an Image in the Rearview Mirror

While I didn't break any records or go on any wild, mad reading binges, January shaped up to be a half-decent month of reads for me. Granted, five books read isn't a huge list, but it is what it is.

1 - CAPTIVE OF SIN by Anne Campbell, a book I'd almost forgotten about reading last month and not because it was a bad one, but because I'd forgotten to record it anywhere, other than at RRT. Katiebabs and I had slightly differing opinions, but it made for interesting reading for me to see just what didn't work for her, and what made me smile. And, yes, I'm counting it as a January read because I think I finished it up on the 1st or so.

2 - FORTY-EIGHT X: The Lemuria Project by Barry Pollack is a book that normally I would never have picked out for myself. My review boss did. :-) Now I'm glad she did and that I persevered and actually read the blasted thing. It was a nice change of pace for me, albeit a step outside of my comfort zone.

3 - DOUBLE LIFE by Amanda Stevens was my first challenge book for Keishon's TBR challenge for 2010, and one I've actually reviewed for the blog.

4 - SOMETHING WONDERFUL by Judith McNaught is my hallmark read for the month, I think. An oldie but a goody many have said and, despite my worries, it read very well by today's standards.

5 - NIGHT SHADOWS by Cherry Adair is a book I need to write a review for RRT (ditto for FORTY-EIGHT X), but I'm still my normal procrastinating self. It's considered part of her T-FLAC series, but is third in what I consider a spin-off trilogy. I *heart* Cherry Adair!

As mentioned before, I didn't knock over any records with last month's tally, but I did begin to get back into something I miss sorely: reading for hours - when I could - just for the sheer pleasure of it. And that's what it's all about, my friends.

Here's to hoping February blesses me with good books, higher numbers, and the diligence to up my posting/reviewing...


明白 said...
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Anonymous said...


The written word unread is just vanity. So, thanks for reading my debut novel FORTY-EIGHT X and I'm especially pleased you enjoyed it.

Best regards,

Barry Pollack

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Barry! I just read the preview for your upcoming book and it's got my interest. Can't wait for it!