Saturday, November 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I'm taking a breather before I begin cooking for our turkey dinner today (I worked Thanksgiving). Did anyone brave the wilds during Black Friday? Have a great Turkey Day? Watch the Cowboys win their annual Thanksgiving football game? I actually dipped my toe in the pool yesterday and swung through Books-A-Million for, yep, you guessed it -- books. But! I only bought 4! Honest engine. It was just a teaser to remind myself that I still can do it: buy faster than I read. *sigh*

I have officially given up on plumping up my 2009 reading. I think I've only read one or two books since the beginning of October, which is devastating. I just can't keep my head in a book, and I want to -- I really really want to! Right now, though, I'm digging an Elizabeth Boyle book, IT TAKES A HERO. It's lighthearted, and while I realize it may very well be the last in a series (the Danver series, I believe), I just don't care. It stands alone well. I'm one of the few who love to have a titled hero in my historical romances, but Rafe isn't. He's a war hero with Spanish blood, and he's interesting. Kind of reminds me of an Amanda Quick hero.

One of the books I bought yesterday was SKIN GAMES by Ava Gray. There's been a lot of talk in Blog World about it, and my curiosity has been snagged. I think Katiebabs has been a cheerleader for this one, and she definitely influenced me. I'll be honest: I've not read an Ann Aguirre book and I don't think I even have one in my TBR. But I'm excited about SKIN GAMES. I'm hoping to add another auto-buy author to my list.

Well, homemade dinner rolls are not getting done with me playing on the computer. Until later -- happy reading, and happy shopping if you're brave enough this weekend!


Wendy said...

You're just doing your Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm plowing through the leftovers. The stuffing was killed last night, and I imagine the green bean casserole will be the next to go :)

I have Skin Game in Ye Olde TBR. Rosie also really enjoyed it. She said "dark" and I fell hook, line and sinker. Now don't ask me when I'll actually READ it, but I did BUY it.

My reading has also slowed to a crawl, so I feel your pain. In fact, I should be reading right now - and instead I'm putzing on the 'Net. Go Wendy!

Amy said...

Oh! I actually plowed through half a book last night because I had trouble sleeping. It helped me with the stress of my family, and today I'm thinking much clearer! Go, Amy!