Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

I could've used Wendy's universal cure on Saturday night when Ohio State lost to Univ. of SoCal in a 18-15 score, after the Buckeyes had led the majority of the game. Jello shots would've been really good, but since I was at work and having to catch the game in stolen bits and pieces, I don't think the hospital would've appreciated a drunk Amy.

Other than that it was an uneventful weekend at work, one in which I hardly got any reading done. I've been on the same book for almost 2 weeks now, VISIONS OF HEAT by Nalini Singh and I'm having the strangest reaction to it. While it's enjoyable and the sensual is turned to an overwhelming high, I'm having trouble staying on top of the whole Psy experience and picturing a Psy Net, a Psy Mind, Web of Stars and how it all works. I'm a visual person, and this is taking an enormous amount of effort to picture exactly what the author means with a majority of the book. Or maybe I need to take up yoga...*shrug* Still, it's very good and what I'll be reviewing for Wednesday's TBR Challenge post. Should be interesting!

ETA: Well, SHIT -- Patrick Swayze died. Damn, that just sucks.


Wendy said...

Notre Dame lost to Michigan. Let me tell you how not happy My Man was about that. Jello shots would not have worked on him.

Majorly sucks about Patrick Swayze. Certainly not unexpected, but it still sucks.

I did pretty good reading-wise this weekend. Two short stories and a SSE. Not great, but not bad.

Amy said...

Michigan's apparently getting some hot press since they learned how to play again. It should be interesting when they play Ohio State. ND's not been the same since Lou left, huh...

If it kills me, I will finish this book. Today! I don't know why it's taken me so long, just not one I want to dive right back in after I've put it down. But, it's still good, which makes no sense on why I'm dithering.