Monday, August 24, 2009

Mark It On Your Calendar... (ok, I did)

I didn't have anything romance-y to post today due to the fact that I've been entirely lazy this weekend. That's it. It was a great weekend in which I did next-to-nothing, except watch tennis, go out to eat with John, and devoured a book yesterday. During our weekend tradition of grocery shopping at Wal*Mart, I did pick up a copy of the new TV Guide -- and now I've got September 9th marked on my calendar. Yes, folks, Melrose Place is returning to tv...with new shoes. I totally didn't get the fixation with the revamped Beverly Hills 90210, although I was a big fan back in the day -- mainly thanks to ....*ahem*...Luke Perry, who I swore would be the father of my children. Needless to say, that was just a fantasy, one I still have on occasion. Or at least the "making babies" part of it, not the actually "having kids" side, but that's neither here nor there...

Melrose Place was, as many know, a spin-off of 90210 that featured Jake Hansen (Grant Show), who was originally cast on 90210 in order to lay ground for a new series. I was never a "Jake girl", though. Once MP began and I got a load of the cast of characters, I quickly became a devoted fan of Billy, aka Andrew Shue. *thud* That man, in all of his guyishness, totally won me over and, to this day, is the version I have in my head for every contemporary hero out there in romance fiction. When in doubt, I immediately revert to Rob Estes, another later character on MP who originally started on Silk Stalkings. And just to geek out, in real life he was married to Josie Bissett, who played Jane Andrews-Mancini.

Melrose Place had it all -- drama, evil, suspense, romance, and became the birthplace and stage for a lot of new and experienced stars alike: Thomas Calabro, Kristen Davis, Marcia Cross, Alyssa Milano, Laura Leighton, Doug Savant, Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner, Daphne Zuniga, and that's only a handful. This show is what I raced home from college to watch each week, and it became not only a show to watch, but for me, it was an event. I'm very hesitant to think that a modern day MP can ever be as good as the first, but hey, I'll give it a whirl. With some of the original cast members returning (Laura Leighton, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett), I hope it at least captures the essence of audacity and shiny that I could always count on back in the '90s.


Anonymous said...

I loved the orginal 90210 and Melrose Place. I tried the new 90210 but just didn't care for it, I might try the new Melrose, but I think I might be better off just getting the DVD's of the original shows and taking a trip down Memory Lane.



Amy said...

MsM, I didn't even give the new 90210 a look-see, despite the hoop-lah of Kelly and Brenda meeting up again. I didn't even want to be bothered. Melrose Place? Yeah, I'll hold out hopes for that and pray that Andrew Shue comes out of acting retirement enough to give it a whirl... ;-) I guess he's responsible for some business that's taken off and got out of the spotlight.