Monday, June 8, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Things have been pretty quiet here in AmyLand. I've been cruising Blogland, commenting here and there, but have been sorely lacking in anything interesting to post in my own lil' nook. Sorry about that! I'm hoping to have a book review to post here soon once I finish the book I've been reading for nigh on a week -- THE VIRGIN'S SECRET by Victoria Alexander. This one's been slow off the block, which is unusual for me with one of Alexander's books.

In other news, the baseball bug has bit and John and I have been enjoying the Florence Redwolves, a local team that plays in the Coastal Plain League here locally. It may not be the majors, but these are the kinds of teams where scouts show up to spot any upcoming talent. It's actually a lot of fun, even for someone like me who just doesn't "get" baseball.


Wendy said...

Someone else on one of my other loops was saying she was having a hard time getting into the latest Alexander. Unlike you though, she had set it down and I'm not sure she has picked it back up.

Minor league baseball really is the best. A totally different kettle of fish from the majors, but always a fun time.

Amy said...

Now am I not only having a hard time getting into it -- I can't find the bloody thing! Argh!