Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Bit of Elbow Grease

Well, I can say that I've actually accomplished some things today -- which is amazing in itself, since it's my last day off for my long weekend. My mom about keeled over in shock when I told her that I'd packed up three large garbage bags of clothes (mine and John's) and took them to the Salvation Army. I already have another hefty stack started for another trip later this week.

Oh! I'm hoping that my other achievement shows up when people view my blog. Blogiesta was weekend before last and since I was working, I couldn't really participate. But I did learn some things -- like how to tack in a favitar in the browser window right beside the addy itself. First I had to learn exactly what a favitar was, and after that it took some cursing since I'm not an HTML guru by any stretch of the imagination. But today, I figured it out! Go, me! Now I'd love to know if I should register my own gravitar to use when posting to other blogs outside of Blogger. *shrug* Who knows...

As for reading, I'm moving Heaven and earth to finish a review book up that I've been reading for weeks. It's a great book, but I get bogged down with it sometimes and it's not one that I rush to pick back up once I've set it down. But, since it's a review, I must do the right thing and write an honest review -- preferably tonight. So I've GOT to read the blasted thing. As for picking the next "fun" book to read, I haven't gotten that far yet -- but I will, oh, I will... *evil cackle*


sybil said...

So what was the book the review was for?

Amy said...

THE JEWEL BOX by Anna Davis, Sybil. It turned out pretty good, but lord, it took me forever to read!