Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I May Not Be A Superhero...

...and I definitely don't play one on tv. But I could use a little superhero mojo to help my mom get healthier. If you're a follower of this blog (hello? Anyone there?), you may have noticed a definite lull in activity here. Almost two weeks ago, John and I dashed up to Ohio when my mom was put in ICU after a disastrous cardiac stress test. Now, she's home and doing better, but I still stress. Things hadn't gotten better since her angioplasty back in January, and she was still experiencing chest pain. So, erego the stress test -- and what a bad idea that was. She literally almost had a heart attack. But now, one cath later, and now a week of respite at home, maybe she's on the upswing to healthy. Cross your fingers.

And speaking of superheroes... anyone know a good one to come and clean my house? Oy, what a pigsty!

I'm still trying to catch up with bloglandia and am being totally slow about it. BUT...I am reading! I actually finished up PRIOR BAD ACTS while up in Ohio and am tearing through a review book set in King Louis XIV's court...I think it's the XIV. I'm definitely not up to speed on French history. At all. I can't wait to jump into this month's challenge book for the TBR challenge -- historical romance. I was perusing upcoming challenges, and I'm stymied by one later on this year - "wrongly accused or just released from jail" is the theme. Anyone have any ideas?


Wendy said...

Love that Wonder Woman picture. Seriously.

Glad you Mom is home now, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

As far as wrongly convicted or just out of prison books - the one that popped into my brain was Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall (sigh, which I haven't read but is in the TBR). I know there are other romances featuring heroes of this ilk, but dang if I can think of any others. Hopefully KristieJ will stop by. She'll probably be able to rattle off a list for you.

Wendy said...

And I'm back. I'm glad I thought to check on this. AAR actually has a Special Titles Listing called Imprisoned!

You can find here:


~ames~ said...

Hey Amy - I hope you mom does get better. And that a magical fairy cleans your house. :P

Amy said...

I've always wanted to be Wonder Woman, Wendy. Just never could fit into the bustier... ;-)

And why didn't I see the Imprisoned! link over on AAR?? OMG, I searched databases (including that one!) all morning today, and Imprisoned! just never jumped out at me. Doh! Caffeine, thy fail me!

Thanks, Ames! I think the magical fairy is late tonight because the house certainly ain't lookin' better... *sigh*

Jace said...

Hey Amy. :) I'm following and I'm reading. I hope your mom is feeling better and continues to improve.