Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are You Ready To....Skate?

Well, I know where I'll be this weekend -- planted in front of the TV for the U.S. Ice Skating Championships being broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio. Yep, for me, football is all but over since I won't be able to veg out with the Superbowl next week (I'll be working), so now it's on to one of my next favorite sports, ice skating. And not long after that, it'll be tennis, although they're broadcasting the Australian Open on ESPN this weekend as well.

I've actually been doing some skating of my own -- well, if you count soaring through HIGH NOON by Nora Roberts. It's funny, Keishon's February challenge is any book prior to 2008 from AAR's DIK stash, and this one is counted as such. Actually, THE SCOTTISH COMPANION by Karen Ranney, which I finished earlier this month, is also a DIK book. But I don't think I'll be cheating and using either one of these books as my choice for next month. I'm still not sure what I'll pick, but I'm leaning towards a Ruth Ryan Lanagan book. Oh, or one of the many Phillipa Gregory books I have on the TBR; I saw a couple listed at the AAR site. See, when you're faced with as many choices as I have from this vast TBR, it's hard not to start hyperventilating.

Anyway, I've got some groceries to put away. I had to hit the market for some necessary items for one of the Pioneer Woman's latest chicken recipe, Ranch Style Chicken. Oh la la -- marinated chicken in honey-dijon sauce, topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. Yum-O! That's what's for dinner tonight...(seriously stealing that from Rachael Ray)

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