Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...

I didn't get the chance to wish everyone the merriest of Christmases and hopes for a safe and happy holiday season. I tried to put up a post from Mom's house earlier this week, but I think her computer is the slowest of all computers on earth, and after waiting for 20 minutes just to get Blogger to load, I gave up.

Yes, we made it home safe and sound and John lives to tell about it! Christmas with my family was a huge success and I think we actually came home with more than what we left SC with. Unbelievable. Mom went all out this year, and for the first time I actually got to help prepare a Christmas family feast. Cooking with your mother may be one of the greatest joys in life for some, but let's just say I was glad to have a lil' drinky-drinky to help me cope.

I've got tons of pictures and hope to put a few up here and there. I wanted a little bit of snow for Christmas, but alas, nada. Michigan, Illinois and just about every other northern state got hit with the white stuff, but my hometown -- zip. But I shouldn't complain, we didn't get snowed in at O'Hare like good friends of ours did on their way home to Maryland.

Today, it's cleaning up, laundry, and trying to find room for all of the neat lil' gifts I got from my family. This year, my favorite was the collapsible collander that Mom gave me -- genius! Oh, and a copy of my favorite holiday movie ever, White Christmas, from my sister.

I did get some reading done, which is amazing in itself. Cathy Maxwell's A SEDUCTION AT CHRISTMAS is proving to be an excellent read. She happens to be another one of my favorite authors, and this one is the first in a new series. Although I'm a sucker for reading books in a series in order, I've found that I can pick up any of hers and read it alone without being confused, no matter where I'm at.


Jace said...

Hey Amy,

Welcome back! You changed the look of your blog, eh? Nice!

I'm glad you've had a great time with your family. :-) What a nice way to go into the new year. :-)

Amy said...

Jace, more like I finally LEARNED how to change the look! Now I need to get some less-than-holiday theme up there, but will tackle that tomorrow.

Happy New Year!