Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Home...

So I just got back today from the beach trip with mom and what do I get for it? A freakin' head cold (I hope) from hell. God, I feel like a Mack truck not only ran over my ass, but parked itself right on my head. If this is a joke, then someone hand me the punchline... ugh.

Other than that, we had a good time with Mom and her friend, and no matter how many times I get aggravated or pissed off at her, I always wind up crying like a baby on the day we leave. So, now I have nice, lovely bloodshot eyes to go with my puffy face, red nose, and honking, huge water buffalo mating call cough. I also sound like I'm breathing through a wet washrag. Great, eh? Thank God that this crud started to jump on me only yesterday and not the entire trip. Now I'm planning on making plans (like the procrastination angle?) to get to Ohio next year, possibly spring, so I can see Mom again. John wants to go to FL next year too to visit his home area, so I'm thinking it's going to be a busy vacation season again in '09.

I actually did do some reading while at the beach, but was nowhere near able to finish a book. I'm actually getting into PREY by Melina Morel, which, to me, kinda started out rickety. I just couldn't gel with the characters at first because I feel like I'm coming in on the story 15 chapters later. I'm not sure how closely it follows her first book, DEVOUR, which I haven't read, so maybe that's what I'm missing. PREY is well-written though.

I was able to catch some football while out of town -- embarrassingly, I sat through most of the game Thursday night, WVU vs Colorado, and stunner of stunner -- the Moutaineers sat down almost completely in overtime. I mean -- c'mon! Defense did well throughout the game, but what in the hell happened to the offense when we most needed them!? Ohio State won against Troy, which I compare to an 8th grade football team, because let's face it -- OSU does not have a whole lot of tough teams to play on this season's schedule. If we were actually USED to playing competitive teams (and I'm totally thinking the SEC here), then maybe we could've beat USC on the 13th! I'm guessing we'll make it to some bowl game in January, but it'll probably be something like the Dollar Tree Bowl. Nothing wrong with dollar stores, I'm just sayin'...

I feel like I'm just jabbering endlessly and I'm totally thinking that it's the cold medicine working its weird magic through my system. Weeeeeeeee!

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