Saturday, September 6, 2008

Retail Therapy

Well, we made it through Hanna last night with little to no damage or problems, thank God. Of course, now that we'd gotten a handle on her, we had to worry more about Ike, but it looks like things are looking better for us, but I pray for, Cuba, the Keys and the Gulf Coast.

John and I actually went out last night in the downpour and had a nice lil' dinner at a bar/Irish pub where a Celtic band that he enjoys was playing. Had a great time with a couple of friends and was I surprised to see how many people were out enjoying the night in all the rain! But anyway...

I went to BAM this a.m. with full intentions of doing some damage to my checkbook because I've been soooo good, and I actually only came away with two -- count them, 2! -- books. At the left is the cover of my prize possession this month, SWEETHEART by Chelsea Cain. I had a gander at a review over at Ramblings on Romance, Etc. where even I cringed at some of the content that Katiebabs mentioned in her review. But I'm still tres excited that I've got this one in my hot little hands! I love 'new book' smell!


Wendy said...

Well you have to read Sweetheart soon and let me know what you think about the revelations that Katie hints at in her review. They worked for me, but I'm beginning to suspect I might be the only reader who feels this way.

Amy said...

Can I tell ya, Wendy? I'm scared -- honestly, I'm scared. But I can't wait to read it, cuz I'm a sick-o like that... Yikes.