Friday, June 27, 2008

It's A Great Weekend for Tennis!

I know where I'll be spending my time -- in front of the tube, overdosing on Wimbledon. I don't know what it is about the sport, or why I get so excited when it's on tv (I dare you to find me when the US Open is going on), but I LOVE tennis!

And this year at Wimbledon, it's already started out as earthshattering for many people -- a good many of the top-seeded players in the world have already been knocked out of the running. Let's see if Roger Federer can keep up his streak. I'd love to see him lose a major tournament just for fun, even though he's such a likeable guy.


Jace said...

No, no, nooooooo ... FedEx CANNOT lose in Wimbledon! LOL Especially not to Nadal!!! :D

Amy said...

But, see -- I like Lleyton Hewitt. I'm not sure he stands a chance against ol' Rodge on Monday, but I'd like to see him win. Federer is gorgeous to watch, though -- I love his backhand. Lordy, the man's too graceful by far.

Of course I say that now when my other guys have fallen out -- Djokovic, Roddick, and James Blake.