Friday, February 11, 2011

We Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I've been a little bit quiet this week -- ok, a lot quiet.  It's been a productive week (taxes: done, taking my new married name: paperwork turned in), just not in the way of reading.  I won't say I'm in a slump, but it's taken me five days to try to finish P.C. Cast's Goddess of Legend.  It's just that I usually find something else to do instead of parking my butt in a chair and reading.  Earlier this week I cleaned out my office TBR (yes, my TBR encompasses multiple rooms) and actually thinned out about 25 books which I posted up on Paperbackswap.  Of course, they're all much older books, less likely to move, so if they sit around too much longer I plan on donating them to the library.  I was able to unearth two contenders for the TBR Challenge, this month being an "ugly duckling or a tortured hero" type of theme.  I know it's not required that we stick to the theme, but it's one of my little goals this year. 

I go back to work tonight -- probably why I've been so scatterbrained this week.  I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time to get back to the grind.  I think John's ready for me to get out of the house (poor guy), but damnit, I just got to the point in this recuperation where I'm feeling much better and have been enjoying the extra time off.  One thing I've promised myself is that I'm going to do my best in not dreading the whole work thing, wishing my days away.  If I've learned one thing since all of this mess happened back in December, it's that you never know when you're time is up, so it's best to enjoy every step as much as you can.  It could be your last.

And that's all I've got to say about that.  Happy weekend!  


Wendy said...

I just did a TBR purge and feel like I need to do another one. Sigh. And I got rid of somewhere in the ballpark of 100 titles. Yikes!

I'm in the process of reading my challenge book and hope to finish it this weekend. Unearthed an older Cheryl St. John HH....

CindyS said...

Kresley Cole's latest just hit the shelves so I'll probably go and pick it up tonight and then it will be my first read of the year. I keep promising myself I will make time but with the house all tossed about and my bookshelves about to be painted - well, things get shifted ;)

Ease back into work and hopefully you can lose the 'dreads' ;)