Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Year So Far

Well, I'm not breaking any records or causing a stir with my reading, but I am making progress. I know there's a week left in the first month of '10, and I've read four books so far. For me in the past year, that's something to write home about. Yesterday I had planned on planting my ass in a chair and reading until my eyes watered, but my body and female brain had to reassert itself and it turned out not being such a great day. I was a veritable watering pot and wound up going to bed at 7:30pm. As I was scanning a blog here and there this morning and checking Facebook, it was odd to read that yesterday was not a good day for many of my girlfriends. Was it something in the air? Or just winter doldrums? For me, I know what caused mine and since I'm determined to have a better day (John is too!), then I'm not going to dwell by going into details. By nature I'm not a moody person, so it's time to snap out of that funk and be thankful for what I have in my life.

It's too early to do a mini round-up for January, but I'm playing with the idea of tracking my reads for each month here on the blog. Will this motivate me to read more and faster just to have bragging rights? Not sure, but it may make me kick it up a gear just so I have something to talk about. :-S

I was finally able to spend some birthday money and got a copy of the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. For some reason, I'm drawn to cookbooks as much as I am to romance fiction and the occasional British history non-fiction book. Maybe it's the shiny pictures in cookbooks or maybe it's truly because I have an OCD personality and have to have 1000s of the things I love. I think I've now collected all but one of Rachael Ray's cookbooks and have the entire Tyler Florence cookbook collection, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, the Pioneer Woman has become what I consider a blog sensation, much like the mastermind behind My Milk Toof. I've been tuning into PW's blog for a couple years now, and all I can say is -- I want to be Ree Drummond when I grow up. She takes food as a guilty pleasure and turns it into something ten thousand times more. And now I have her in my house. Well, ok, I have the cookbook, and there's already a couple of recipes I've drooled over and bookmarked to try out later. Can you say olive cheese bread? OMG -- *faints*.


Wendy said...

And her Buffalo Wing recipe is pretty darn tasty as well! After years of trying to find a halfway decent wing here on the west coast, I finally threw caution to the wind and decided to try making my own using her recipe.

Mmmm, Mmmmm, Good!

Amy said...

I like her recipe for Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich too, the one with cube steak and Worcestershire sauce. Yum yum yum! ~debbie~ loves the firecracker shrimp, or whatever it is, the shrimp wrapped in bacon. Or was that the jalapeno peppers?