Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This and That, II

I think I stepped in it today. I forgot that when living in the south, one should never bash the SEC. Unless it's FL, and then all bets are off. Sorry, Tebow and Meyer, I just can't hang with y'all. But one does not dare criticize the 'Bama/Texas championship game and how it was won. Now, I'm funny in how I choose my teams. I'm a diehard Buckeye fan and always will be, first and foremost. WVU is right behind them, and then comes Penn State. By rote, I root for South Carolina's Gamecocks because of my locale (I'm an hour from the Gamecock country), and then after that I pick by how I'm feeling. But last week, I was pulling for Alabama. Today, I made the mistake of saying that I wished Colt McCoy, the QB for Texas, had been able to play the entire game since I thought it would've made for a better, more interesting game. And, y'all, the gloves came off and the claws came out... Whew! I'm just glad it was a girlfriend of mine, because I'm pretty sure if it hadn't been, I might've lost a limb. And my hair. Because everyone knows how women fight.

I'm taking a pause from planting my butt in a chair tonight and reading/hopefully finishing SOMETHING WONDERFUL. This has really been a great book where I get to go back to my "grassroots" of romance and rediscover the classics I started out with. Judith McNaught has a backlist that many people love, and I'm really needing to step up my reading of her books. I'm not sure where I'll go from here, but I'm enjoying this one so much that I may have to indulge in a rare glom.

New TV episodes returned this week, and I'm scrambling to clear out my DVR to make room for all of my shows this week. I did not know that I had 35 episodes of House Hunters on there until I was scanning my recorded list last night. Uh, wow -- HGTV and Food Network got a workout on my DVR box this past month!

I saw where Lisa Valdez's greatly anticipated PATIENCE is being released this April, finally, after something like five years of waiting and stalling. Do I plan on buying it? Not sure. LOL I still have yet to read the first book, PASSION, which is you-know-where.

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Wendy said...

Am I the only who wonders if Colt McCoy's mama is a romance novel fan? Tee Hee.

I have no plans to buy Patience unless a reader(s) I'm simpatico with lurves it to pieces. I did read Passion and while I liked it, I didn't think it was the GREATEST thing ever printed.