Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This, That and Tennis!

It's that time of year, friends, when Amy goes full-tilt underground and holes herself up in front of the TV to catch the summer's Grand Prix tennis tournaments. For the next two weeks, it's Wimbledon...*sigh* on grass court. I did try and catch some of the French Open a few weeks ago, but threw something at the tv when Federer won. Again. Damnit. A beautiful player, it's obvious he's a master of the sport, but I just like to see him lose. Today Andy Roddick's playing, and I'm hoping that this year will be His Year. He's such a brat, but I do like him. Don't know what I'm mean -- just watch his service game. The dude's a master at serving the ball.

I was wondering this morning if there are any romances featuring tennis players. I know Deirdre Martin's got the market covered in hockey (Go, Penguins!), but I'd love to see a series featuring a tennis club or something like that. I know I could probably go and look this up on the vast 'net, but I'm looking to get things stirred up and getting some convo started.

In other news, I started UNFORGETTABLE by Julie Ortolon the other day, and it's...well, it's good. I've had trouble lately getting into contemporary romances, and I think that's because I'm comparing everything to classic JAK contemps -- FAMILY MAN is still one of my alltime faves. And, oh, Linda Howard's DREAM MAN (Dane *thud* Hollister, ho!) is another great one, but I think that is more in the RS field. I think also with my tastes leaning more towards an historical and romantic suspense angle, I can't help but find some of the contemporary characters' antics as too zany. And dare I say it...mundane? So, recommendations are welcome there too.

Off to tackle the mundane (ha!) laundry again. It's sad when you wake up in the morning, it's your day off and you realize you have a mountain of laundry to do -- and then you remember your new washer. And get all jazzed about doing laundry. Welcome to my life...


Tracy said...

I was just thinking last night how cute male tennis players are - for the most part, that is. I don't recall any romances set around tennis....except for that one movie which I can't remember the name of. Boy, I'm helpful! lol

Amy said...

Is it the one with Paul Bettany? Wimbledon?


I've not seen that one, but I do like Paul, especially in A Knight's Tale.