Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Own Form of Therapy...

I've been burrowing my head in a book this week to avoid thinking too much. Granted, the book I'm reading (over to the right in my sidebar) isn't exactly sunshines and rainbows, but it's keeping my mind off of stressing about Mom. She's still having chest pain after last month's angioplasty and is having yet another stress test this week. Granted, it may be a good thing and get us some answers, but I've seen too much at work where it leads to open-heart surgery, and that's when I start worrying. BUT, she is optimistic and wants to beat this thing, move on, and looks forward to gardening starting in the spring. That's my mommy, get pissed off and fix it so she can live her life. Regardless of my oftentimes exasperation with her, she excels as a caretaker, not as a patient.

So, anyone out there, some crossed fingers for her, k?

I'm doing my damnedest to get this Tami Hoag book finished so I can write up a review for the TBR challenge. I'm actually enjoying myself with these challenges and feel like I'm making headway in eliminating books from the TBR. I'm also still trying to work out why WATCH ME left an off taste in my mouth. I really think that it was the whole narrow-mindedness of small town living that was portrayed in the book. I felt like it really hampered the characters, their motivations and reactions, but on the other hand, it totally set up the scene for showing why the bad guy did what he did. And I'll leave it at that...

Oh, something else I found out a couple weeks ago -- I didn't realize that author Suzanne Simmons had died recently. For a while I couldn't figure out why there were no follow-ups to her Sweetheart series, and this would be the reason why.

Ok, rambling done. Back to the books!

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