Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bon Voyage...

Wow, it seems like John and I have done more traveling this year than we usually do. Tomorrow we hit the road for Charlotte to spend the weekend there for a big to-do with the Renaissance Festival crowd. Oh, and tomorrow night we get to go to The Little Dooey, a blues and bbq (Memphis-style bbq, yum!) joint to see a good friend of ours play. Baron is traveling with us this time around since I don't have the heart to put the old fella at the vet for boarding anymore. He knows that something is up since we started packing tonight, but he doesn't know he's going with us. I know he'll be ecstatic when it comes time to get on the road - that dog is one of the best travellers I've ever known!

While John is out and about on Saturday, I plan on spending the day in the hotel room, reading reading reading, and hopefully catch the Ohio State football game on tv if they're broadcasting it down here. We met one of the girls from work today to pick out fleece for a baby blanket she asked me to make for her new nephew, so I may be working on that as well. Adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse pattern!

I'm actually about to finish up HALLOWE'EN HUSBANDS, hopefully tonight. I'm really glad I found this book, even if it was the day after Halloween. The first story wasn't my favorite, but I've been enthralled with the last two. The last one, by Christine Merrill, Master of Penlowen, is probably the spookiest, in an almost gothic tone. Although, it's a toss-up between liking this one more, or Denise Lynn's Wedding at Warehaven.

Anyway, who knows what I'll be reading next. I'm kinda digging the historical, though, so I may unearth 12 or 30 of those to take with me this weekend.

Oh, and did I mention -- I'm On Vacation!?!?

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