Monday, November 24, 2008

And He's Ok!

Things have been quiet around here, and I'll tell y'all why. I'm a professional and consistent worrier, and if there's nothing to stress about, I will find something for which I can fret. But this time, my stress involved our "best baby" Baron, who has had a lump on his chin for the past several months. The vet knew about it and attributed it to a cyst, but nothing to worry about if it wasn't bothering him. But as time passed, it kept bothering ME more and more. It finally got to be the size of a garbanzo bean, so I took him back to the office a couple weeks ago. Dr. Causey, my own McVet (LOL) and the only vet we've allowed to treat Baron for about 8 years now, took a look, tried to drain it, and declared that it should come off. So that appt. for the lumpectomy was this morning, and I'm telling y'all, when it comes to Baron, his old age, and the potential for illness and complications, I freeze up. Anyway, Doc Causey took the cyst off, under a local anesthetic, mind you (at my insistance, to avoid intubation) looked it over and declared it unnecessary for further testing. All this time I've been SO worried about pathology and possible biopsy, again preparing for the worst. It's "nothing" according to him, and he proceeded to throw just two stitches in and sent us on our merry way. Now I feel like crying cuz I'm so relieved!Oh yeah, and now we need to give him food with bacon drippings a couple times a week to put a pound or two back on. While his weight is ok and Baron's doing well for being almost 15, we finally get to let up some on our fairly strict diet and let him enjoy more things in his prime. We go back next week for follow-up and we'll discuss arthritis medication. John and I've talked about it, and although we don't see Baron acting as if he is in pain, he doesn't jump up on furniture as quick or take the steps like he used to. My McVet seems to think that this will make a difference, so we'll see.

So, this week, I'm working on Thanksgiving, but we're having our dinner on Saturday night, complete with turkey and all the trimmings, and Baron will have his own small plate. I should get Mama of the Year for that, right?


Jace said...

Oh, what a relief that Baron's ok now! :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

Holly said...

I'm so glad he turned out to be alright. Isn't it funny how stress from RL bleeds over into Blogland?

I definitely thing you should win mother of the year for giving him the good stuff. =)

Happy Thanksgiving from me, too.

Amy said...

Thanks, Jace and Holly (and welcome!)! Baron's still a bit put out with us, but is really working us hard -- he's gotten all kinds of nummies.

And Happy Turkey Day to both of you as well!