Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Will It Be...?

I've got to confess: I adore the show So You Think You Can Dance. While I love ice skating more, it's amazing to watch some of these folks and the stunts they put their bodies through! So, tonight, when I should be reading one of the handful of review books I have up for the month of June, I'll probably be watching the final selection of the top 20 dancers on SYTYCD. I love the fact that they bring in past contestants from the first 3 seasons to help with choreography, encouragement, etc. One of those guys is Travis Wall, who almost won it in season 2. Last night, he was almost -- ALMOST -- at his best. I didn't know he had so much snark in him!


Jace said...

Amy, welcome to the romance-blogging community. I followed your link from Jill D's blog. :) I started blogging a year ago and I always like to discover and support to new bloggers. Keep blogging and I'll be back. ;)

Amy said...

Yay! Welcome, Jace! I'm still playing around with things here and learning the system. I think I drove Wendy crazy with all of my questions. ;-) I go to a few blogs regularly but just recently started posting -- Jill D's is one of them.