Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Challenge

On one of my many readers' egroups, one of the girls posted a challenge for Harlequin/Silhouette readers. The goal is to read at least 5 Harlequin or Silhouette books between now and December 31, 2008.

I still haven't picked the five I plan on reading, but I'm hoping to sometime this weekend. I have some reviews to catch up on first. This may be the push I need to get some of the many, many Harlequin books I have languishing on my TBR pile. I have so many great books that I'd like to read, like, yesterday.

Many folks have been discussing their numbers in regards to what they've read so far this year since we're about half-way through 2008. I'm ashamed to say that my reading is a lot slower than what I'd like, but that real life thing is starting to kick my ass. BUT! I did read an entire book in two days' time this week, which is nigh on a miracle! Hopefully a review for Anne Frasier's GARDEN OF DARKNESS will be forthcoming today.


Yvonne said...

Amy - I'm so glad you joined the challenge. I think it should be fun and should get me to read a little more than I have been. Like you, I see all these long reading lists of others and I've just been much slower these days than I used to be. Enjoy the challenge!

Jace said...

Don't worry about the slow reading ... just don't give up reading. :)

I read about 6 books a month ... sometimes only 4, but as long as I keep reading, everything's right in my world. *grin*

Amy said...

Yvonne -- I figured this was a challenge I could handle. Whenever it's time for me to pick a new book, I tend to gravitate to the longer books, skipping over the tons of Harlequins I order every month. Me so bad!

Jace -- I don't think I'll ever give up reading, God willing. It's truly my only vice, not only the buying of the books ;-), but the pleasure in reading them too.

Sarah said...

Hi Amy! Thank you for your kind words. I thought I'd stop by to tell you.. definitely go to a BBQ place for breakfast. I know that here in North Carolina, we have the best and you can get a really great breakfast for very cheap. My son and I go and eat for less than $10 for our meals plus drinks. Can't beat that!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping in, Sarah! I hope you guys seriously keep coming back -- this blog thing is kinda addicting, if not a bit scattered with my work schedule (I'm a nightshifter).

But I'm enjoying myself, and I'm definitely going to look up the BBQ for breakfast thing one day soon.

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Hey thanks!
I know what you mean about reading books at the computer, but I tend to like sort of off-beat stuff and e-books/e-book publishers offer a much better selection, don't they?

I can't wait to save up enough to buy an actual e-book reader.


And thank you SO MUCH for reading my book, I BID ONE AMERICAN! I am truly grateful.

Amy said...

Hi, Amy, welcome! When do we get more books from the Second Sons series?